Division Group's interim management services are designed to strengthen and support the client's change initiative. The group's mission and vision describe its core ideology and envisioned future guiding the group's operations. The core values are instrumental in achieving the company vision, provide the foundation for everything the group do, and aid to determine a proper fit between, and alignment with, the group's services and the client's aspirational company culture.

Mission & Vision
Division Group's mission is to obtain a global leadership position in the development of project management. Such a position is attainable by providing leading interim management services, cutting-edge management solutions and advisory services. The group envisions that its leading services help clients better achieve their ambitions and at the same time significantly impact and advance the practice of project management.

Division Group's primary culture styles are oriented toward results, order, and learning and enjoyment. Behaviors that support successful organizational change and give rise to the group's core values are devotion to every client's success (results), a focus on structure, efficiency and collaboration (order), and an unequivocal emphasis on exploration, creativity, innovation, agility and engagement (learning and enjoyment).

Code of Ethics