The office provides temporary management resources for short-term assignments to manage a period of transition and change within the client organization.

Change Initiatives
The group's services are most likely to succeed in an environment — a leadership-centered culture — that's characterized by an effective and respected senior executive team, constituents personally motivated to change, and a collaborative company culture. Further, a proper fit between the client's change vision and aspired values and the group's services significantly enhances chances of success.

As the client organization provides such a favorable context, appropriate integration support (onboarding) and resources, and manages the change process, Division Group complements the client organization's CEO, supporting leadership to inspire and move the organization with compelling services providing direction and an exciting purpose beyond their strategic goals.

As the program CEO, the office focuses primarily on the interim assignment's planning, coordination, execution (according to The Standard for Program Management, PMI), and leads the design and innovation process. To this end, it leverages proven program and project management services and collaboratively develops a breakthrough management solution experiencing the sheer joy of innovation and generating a pride-building 'short-term win', gaining the corporation's change effort at large forward momentum.

Upon Entry, after exploring requirements, scope, and researching of 'what the situation is', the office assumes leadership by seeking to clarify the path ahead, and focuses on the program team's composition and goals.
Additionally, the office strives to invest energy in learning about stakeholders' expectations and attempts to get up to speed with the company's culture quickly.

The program charter, project charter(s), and design brief serve to develop detailed plans during the Proposal stage, that are executed during the Implementation stage. What's more, with an eye to executional excellence, the office may conduct thorough assessments to establish the change effort's chances of success and design thinking readiness, possibly resulting in recommendations for essential improvements in the organization architecture and/or culture.