Value proposition
Division Group is an innovator, solutions and experience provider helping clients lead, structure and execute its strategic change initiatives more successfully and supports the design and development of leading project management solutions. 

"None of us is as smart as all of us."

Capabilities system
First, the office's compelling design and innovation services significantly strengthen the client's change vision and help direct the effort. In addition, the group's services help spotlight the change initiative, provide a clear purpose and meaning, a sense of urgency, and assist in building a powerful guiding coalition.

Second, in further support of the client's change initiative, for the change vision to be effective, the office has developed a supporting system to help implement the vision. Put differently, it provides the essential structure and plans and coordinates the program focusing on the assignment's successful delivery. 

To this end, the office strives to empower team members by learning what they do best to work out the team's design to then utilize their talents, enabling the team to achieve not only their organization's strategic goals but also a pride-building breakthrough in the practice of project management.  
The office positions the right people and subcontractors, who share the change effort's vision, to take responsibility for roles and tasks at which they can excel. 

Third, in order to help clients be more successful (vision), the intrinsically motivating nature of the work at hand helps to create a healthy place to work, attracts talented people, and generates highly engaged team members. In addition, with an eye to improving operational effectiveness, the structure provided enables the client to design a breakthrough solution for its 'job to be done'. It provides the client 'a heuristic' or format to 'routinely' plan, organize and control future typologically identical projects more reliably and efficiently.

Last, utilizing its design and innovation capabilities, as a leader the office engages the client organization in the achievement of the change vision and goals and designs a shared aesthetic experience—an invigorating new experience that sustains the communal spirit and provides opportunities for the facilitation, or promotion, of employee development.