Founder and Chief Executive (Netherlands, b.1970), helps clients lead, structure and execute its strategic change initiatives in the role of interim Chief Operating Officer (COO), and supports the design and development of leading project management solutions.

He was awarded the Certified Manager designation (CM #08811) by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM) at James Madison University in 2005. In 2016, he became the National Management Association's (NMA) first-ever Dutch member since its establishment in 1925. In 2020, Division Group was awarded a Benelux Enterprise Award and a European Enterprise Award hosted by EU Business News in recognition of its excellence, unique innovations and innovative services. In 2023, Acquisition International awarded the office a Worldwide Finance Award for the development of its innovative interim management services for leading and managing M&A programs positioning the office firmly at the forefront of the Financial Services sector globally.

Eric Teunissen gained an education in fine arts, liberal arts and humanities from top schools and institutions such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Additionally, he was trained in general management, leadership, business administration and architectural engineering with courses from schools such as Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and London Business School.

He's successfully led and executed assignments in various industries. He commenced his managerial career in, and has a proven track record since 1997. Key assignments here.

What's The Story?
In 2005, Eric seized the opportunity to research a century-old management issue—how to professionally organize industrial relocation projects. His research resulted in a groundbreaking management "heuristic" or format that set the stage for a new venture. The outcome propelled him into the role of entrepreneur and marked the subsequent innovative startup of Division Group.  

As a consequence—in the face of adversity—Eric Teunissen has spent over a decade on research, uncovering capability, letting the self emerge, 'fighting the dragons' to resolve the creative conflict between reality (what is) and the vision (what could be) only to ascend from the 'dragon pit' with creative solutions how best to add game-changing value to clients' change initiatives and make his vision a reality strategically.

More than a decade on, his leadership purpose—pioneering the unknown to help clients be more successful—and resulting services has uniquely positioned Division Group to support the client in further developing the organization, its staff, and the practice of management.  

'Doing a Gauguin'
Passionate about helping others succeed and build better lives for themselves, Eric Teunissen decided in 2012 to pursue a long-held ambition to provide English language classes in Vietnam and help fill the void of affordable, quality English education in the local community. He and his wife established, and have since been successfully operating as business partners, an independent language school in Saigon where they also presently reside with their two children.