Division Management and Design provides temporary management and innovative leadership services. The office helps clients lead, structure and execute its strategic change initiatives more successfully, and supports the design and development of leading-edge project management solutions.

More precisely, in the context of organizational development (OD), the office provides the client organization's CEO and senior leadership team with compelling services and a unifying goal supporting the client to win over hearts and minds and effectively lead and champion a change initiative. The office supports the CEO in the complementary interim role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) as an independent contractor. The office assumes full accountability for overseeing the corporation's strategy (program) execution, leading the design and innovation effort, and bringing both to completion successfully.

For more details, the change initiatives section outlines how the office adds value and delivers desired results for clients.
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Division Group is an international award-winning management studio and consultancy specializing in organizational design, change, and strategy execution.

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