"The chief over-all function of personality, then, is to create a design for living which permits the periodic and harmonious appeasement of most of its needs as well as gradual progressions towards distant goals. At the highest level of integration, a design of this sort is equivalent to a philosophy of life." —Henry A. Murray and Clyde Kluckhorn

As an interim senior executive, Eric Teunissen supports organizational leadership in creating healthy places to work. In his role as interim COO, he manages three main areas of responsibility: engaging people in the achievement of the change vision and goals, creating strong organizational dynamics, and structuring the program organization.

Strategically intelligent, he possesses the ability to help bring about significant change in the client organization. Separated from the prevailing corporate mythology, he strives to create a context in which the group can design and build — bringing together the organization's 'collective genius' — an innovative organizational design.

In addition to seeking to inspire the group with an emotionally exciting vision, he builds resonance by setting the pace to meet challenging and exciting goals, democratically seeking the team's valuable input as appropriate.
He accurately recognizes and harnesses others’ abilities or strengths striving to build high-performing teams by providing great clarity of purpose and expectations.
He hereby creates mutually beneficial relationships and collaborative environments that motivate team members to achieve clearly defined objectives that benefit their organizations and beyond.

Put another way, Eric Teunissen brings structure to client's change initiatives. He provides a framework within which to create and guides the team toward the client's compelling change vision. He creates and builds an emotionally exciting design experience that creates a powerful force significantly strengthening the change initiative. In any event, he brings structure to drama.