Division Group's leadership philosophy has defined the firm's purpose and the values essential to achieve this purpose. In addition, for the client's change vision to be effective and achieve results, the group has designed a system to support implementating the change initiative.

» First, as an experience provider, the office's emotionally appealing services (providing a clear purpose), support the client organization's brigde-building CEO and senior leadership team throughout the transformational stages, to, (1) set and lead in a new direction, (2) attune its constituents to the change vision hence eliminating resistance, and (3) motivate key influencers and inspire the organization generating highly energized people.

» Second, as an innovator, in order to make the change vision a reality, the office curates and co-creates an innovative management solution in close collaboration with the research/design team by employing Design Thinking (Design Thinking Defined, IDEO). As a human-centered design tool for problem-solving, Design Thinking combines creative and analytical thinking, promotes collaboration, and garners a broad commitment to change.

» Third, with a focus on the assignment’s execution, the office seeks to develop productive complementary relationships and strives to build high-performing teams. Its capability to lead and manage a group of projects effectively and its ability to apply the required organizational set-up, enable a successful delivery.  

Regarding the office's role in the client's larger change initiative, more information here.