Division Group believes that healthy company cultures and business relationships are characterized by honesty, trust, dignity and respect. Its moral and ethical reasoning and resulting behavior are aimed at building trust with all stakeholders, and at supporting its purpose, or raison d'etre.

Division Group is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, and to expanding its reputation founded on these, in years to come. Its decisions, then, are guided by what it values and its professional code of ethics serves as a guide and reference in support of day-to-day decision making.

Code of Ethics
» I will recognize that management is a call to service with responsibilities to my direct reports, associates, supervisors, employer, community, nation and world.

» I will maintain honest relations with customers, suppliers, management and employees.

» I will recognize that, as a leader, my own pattern of work and life will exert more influence than what I say or write.

» I will give the same consideration to the rights and interests of others that I ask for myself.

» I will consider and look for value in the ideas and opinions of others.

» I will regard my role as a manager as an obligation to help others achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

» I will set reasonable performance goals for myself and for my direct reports, and balance the interests of management and employees during challenging times.

» I will promote and practice the management principles and methods I have learned in achieving management certification.

» I will report and encourage others to report unethical business practices to the appropriate authority.

» I will discourage and confront any inappropriate behavior observed or reported to me.

Developed by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers' Board of Regents, USA

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